When at Brunch…

“Work hard, brunch harder”

One of my favorite weekend pass times- Brunch. (Bottomless mimosas at brunch are also always welcome). My team decided to meet and celebrate some amazing promotions that happened last month, and to share ideas on how we can all grow our business.

I was sipping on my cappuccino and sharing all of the great things that happened in the past 30 days, and all of the amazing things that are coming, when it hit me. All of the women sitting at our table are all making a full time income from our phones. On top of that, 6 figures from our phones. Kind of crazy right?

We all started in the same spot. Unhappy, broke, trying our best to get by and finish college. And now, we all know that we’re in exactly the place we’re supposed to be! all of us are from different backgrounds. Emily, one of my best friends in this business was a criminology major. She’s now #21 in this company.


Surrounding yourself with positive people and a mission you love completely changes your life. Emily is one of the most positive and motivating people that I know, and that’s why she’s on the fast track to being a millionaire in her 20’s. we work hard every day and know that we will never give up on our dreams.

If you’re stuck in your life and feel like you have the opportunity to change it, take that job, join that company, or follow your dream to start your own.

We all know this one truth- no matter what you do people will join you, or they’ll judge you. But will I ever let what other people think of me stop me from what I’m doing? Maybe the Alexa 3 years ago, but not the woman I’ve become today.

When we were finishing up and the bill came- we didn’t worry about penny pinching and adding up what we all got. I didn’t wish I ordered the cheaper option or had one less drink. We even all laughed about the fact that we used to do this.

I want you to know that there’s always more in life when you want more- so go out  and get it! You truly never know until you try. And a year from now I hope you have your own story of success. You deserve it!



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