Never apologize for being yourself- Alexa

Never Apologize for Being Yourself

“I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day, and I believe in miracles.” -Audrey Hepburn

Being yourself can sometimes be the hardest thing to do. It’s so easy to decide to fit into the mold of everyone else, follow what they are doing, and live life in the main stream.

From personal experience growing up, I always wanted to be this way too. I wanted to wear what was in style, listen to all of the music that everyone else was listening to, and follow the trends of the ‘popular’ girls. It’s easy to want to reach to be someone who isn’t yourself.

This past year, I really decided to change that mindset in myself. When I graduated college I realized that none of that mattered. No seriously- listen to me, it does not matter. I think that we all need to stop making it so hard for people to go outside of the norm.

To backtack in my life, I’ve always been a little different- and for the most part I’ve embraced it. I was born as a premature baby and when I was a toddler diagnosed with mild cerebral palsy. I walk with a slight limp, am the most clumsy person you will ever meet, and trip at least 10 times a day. When I was younger I barely let this hold me back. My parents always pushed me to do the best that I could, and rarely did I realize that I was different than everyone else.

As I grew older I tried ballet, diving, tennis, horseback riding. I had to give my 110% because I had to be better than everyone else (the competitive side always comes out of me!) I reached honor roll, I stayed out of trouble (for the most part), and I would push myself every single day.

Has my slight disability made me a more driven person? I would say yes. The support system I’ve always had from my parents, family and friends also helps.

My dad is also an entrepreneur. He’s left his 9-5 multiple times and has worked for himself for 6 straight years. He’s an inventor, but more importantly one of the most morally correct businessmen you will ever meet.  When I was in school, changing my major 2 times and deciding to add on entrepreneurship to my degree, I had his support every step of the way.

All of this lead up to my decision in 2015 to start my own business with a network marketing company. I also started to work part time at a marketing firm while at school, and I was voted to be the recruitment and marketing VP in my sorority. I took this on within 6 months and wanted it all to work- but I realized I wasn’t being true to myself anymore.It was overwhelming and I was not working to my full potential. Did I make some bad decisions and ruin some friendships from deciding to leave school my senior year and move out on my own? Yes. Was it worth it, YES!

Cassie Westlund it works team 2016


2017 I needed to figure out who I was. I started to work overtime at both companies, and even decided my 5 year relationship wasn’t for my anymore. I needed to be myself and true to myself and go with my gut feeling.

Okay- so where am I getting to with all of this? I finally feel like I have become 100% myself. Embracing all of my quirks, my workaholic attitude, my loudness, clumsiness. I’m working on being a better businesswoman, listener, sister, daughter, and I’m going to take a chance to be a full time entrepreneur before 2019.

People will judge you no matter what you do. But this is MY life. This is YOUR life. Stop listening to all of the people who say you can’t and show them that you can. If you take a risk and fall flat on your face at least you tried your best! You can move on or try again.

When you take the step to decide to be you- it will be the best thing that you’ve ever done.

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