Shop Small This Christmas! (& a PR Adventure!)

This Christmas season, I had a goal to help small businesses in my area market themselves! I was so excited to schedule a segment with one of my favorite cities- West Hartford. 

My plan was to start my official PR firm in 2019, but as we all know, sometimes the best plans start spontaneously. The opportunity was too perfect to pass up, and I was able to partner with some great local shops. 

Reasons why I love to love to shop small? 

  • You always find something that is unique, versus the same products that are always at larger retail stores! (Did I just spend way too much money on candles at Kringle, sure! Was it worth it? 100%!)
  • You support your community! The town that you live in thrives when it’s economy is doing well. It’s always great to get to know your local shop owners- and they’ll get to know you! 
  • If you are a small business owner like me- it’s important to support each other! 

Our segment began with a local jeweler- Lux Bond and Green. This year, classic pearls, David Yurman, and watches for her are in. The best part of a jeweler with variety? They have items as cheap as $25 and if you have a higher budget up to $25,000+. 

We then saw some holiday fashion for him, ties suits and sweaters! And of course, holiday fashion for her! Is anyone else loving faux fur this season? 

Our day ended at a local cook shop, a store I know my friends and family would love for me. There’s always great new gadgets or appliances and pans you can purchase! My mom has been eyeing a Le Cruset dutch oven for years!

With six days to Christmas the countdown is ticking! Don’t shop on Christmas Eve! Shop local today! Happy Holidays! 

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