Live Your Daily Mantra

When I wake up in the morning I always try to start my day on a positive note. What you speak becomes your reality. I’ve truly learned that from constantly listening to self development and reading books upon books.

Right now, I have so many goals going through my head, so many things that I want to get done- and last night I hit a little bit of a slump. It happens. There is no way that every single day can be perfect. We are our own worst critics and sometimes, we need to get over ourselves. I told myself that I would throw a little pity party last night, bake some brownies, and wake up ready for today. It worked.

It’s okay to give yourself a break and catch a breath when you feel like you need one. Or else you’ll get totally burnt out and not get to where you want to be. But the most important thing to do is never stop.

I decided I was going to write myself a daily mantra for my business- that I could live by very day. We all have a daily mantra for life inside of us. When you wake up what is the first thing you tell yourself? “Today is going to be amazing?” Or “I’m already ready to be back in bed?” Or “Can I just reach this goal already?” See how each sentence in itself sets you up for a drastically different day. And no one sentence can define what you accomplish. If you are like me, there are thoughts constantly popping up in your head.


So what do you tell yourself daily? Even if you have to force yourself to smile in the mirror and say that you will have a good day. Or put on your favorite lipstick, playlist, outfit, or shoes- to spark some positive thoughts.

A lot of you know that I started to journal daily- using my Dream Life Daily Journal! It’s also helped me so much, not only with life and my business but also with my faith. Starting your day physically writing down goals is proven to help you reach them. There’s also daily affirmations to let yourself know that you are capable of what you say you are!

No matter what your goals are, they aren’t easy to achieve without letting yourself know you can achieve them. Stop wasting time wishing you are where you want to be. And start doing!

Write your mantra.

Finding Faith- The Start

Coming back from a vacation that refuels you is one of my favorite reasons to go on vacation in the first place. (That and my never satisfied travel bug that’s been in me for the past 2 years)

I feel so ready to make the last 3 months of 2018 really count for the better, and make some big changes in my life that I have been working on for a long time.

Going to Florida always gives me so much energy, happiness, and pushes me to do better. I’m almost always going down to visit some of my best friends, to better my business, take a break and relax in the sun, or heading down to a conference. My current obsession with Sarasota has made me seriously think about a move!


This past weekend, I was able to ‘Come To The Table,’ at Bayside Community Church and work on one of the hardest relationships in my life- my faith. When I heard about the all womens’ Fatih conference in June, something was pulling at my heart to go.

My relationship with my Fatih is something that I’ve been wanting to work on for awhile. Growing up, my parents were not strict with us attending church, but always kept spiritual values in our family. My dad has a very strong relationship with God, and I always felt that I struggled with mine. I was not as connected as he was, but I also didn’t realize at the time- everyone has a different relationship with their faith. IMG_0846

Standing in a room filled with hundreds of women, all worshiping together was so fulfilling for me. Church in New England is so different than services down south, and any chance I have to go I love to take.

The energy in church this weekend was eye opening to me. I saw how other women bring faith int every day life and their business. I was able to understand why some women feel so connected- while others are still figuring out their beliefs.

My biggest take away- make time for coffee with the lord like you would make time with a friend. Let him sit at your table with you- one on one. Your relationship with your faith is yours and yours alone. Everyone is different and that is okay.

“For you know that when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow. So let it grow,” James 1: 2-4

Are you working on your faith? I would love to learn how you worship!